Class Work Week 12: Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short speech to spark interest into something from the audience, this can be anything from a project, idea, product or even myself. Elevator pitches should never be longer than 30 seconds, just like an elevator ride. Elevator pitches should always be memorable and interesting. My elevator pitch will be about my app.

  • Ever been stuck on what to do with your girlfriend or boyfriend?
  • Do you really want to impress your new date?
  • Do not fear, GoDate is here
  • Many couples day in and day out fight over the fact that their partner is so indecisive¬†when making plans when going out.
  • GoDate is an app created to help with this issue.
  • Not only will GoDate help these indecisive couples choose an activity that they can do together but will also help with coming up with ideas in general.